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Gruffalo Woods
Building a Hedgehog House
How tall is the tree compared to me?
Snack Time in the Gruffalo Woods
Salt-free Dough Faces
The Woods
Dinosaur House
Making Friends on the Forest Floor
Sunshine Through the Trees

At Mighty Oaks Day Nursery & Preschool, we boast an amazing 65 acres of land for the children to explore and play within all year round; woodland areas for walks and nature trails, an abundance of open grassed areas for picnics and play and enclosed Astroturf pitches for physical exercise.


Being a setting that incorporates Forest School teaching, we take the children on daily walks in the forests, where the children get to explore the natural world, collect items to take back and either draw, take apart or play with. We also incorporate physical fun such as balancing on logs, climbing up mounds (and small trees for the older children) as well as a whole range of creative & imaginary games together.

Our Core Values



Commitment to our Community


Connection to Nature

Our Ethos

At Mighty Oaks Day Nursery & Preschool we not only encompass the very best of the Early Years Foundation teachings, but we have gone one step further, taking inspiration from Forest School teaching. 

The children are encouraged to consider the feelings of others and the resources within the Nursery as these are vital building blocks for a child’s future development and will stand them in good stead later in life.

Planting Bulbs
That's Not My Kitten
Pudsey Tuff Tray
Delia Smith in the Making
Scissor Skills
Role Play
Doctor Role Play
Halloween Potion Making
Arctic Habitat Tuff Tray
learning about construction

We firmly believe that by keeping our numbers smaller than other nurseries we can provide a much more tailored package of care, focusing on a child’s individual development and needs and ensuring that each child’s individual personality is able to flourish.

We fully understand that you are choosing to leave your most precious possessions in our care and, as such, we take that responsibility with the seriousness it deserves.

The Setting

The main Mighty Oaks Room is a large open-plan room, with specialist anti-slip flooring, that is used by all our children each day.  


Although we have some designated areas in the Nursery, we always ensure that each of the seven areas of learning are available and transferrable throughout our setting.


Following extensive training by Dorset County Council and external trainers in relation to the development of 0 - 5 year olds, we have created a dedicated “Nest Area” for our 0 - 2 year olds.  This enables them to be in an age and development appropriate area whilst also allowing for the interaction with older and younger children who share their general surroundings.

Entrance Door
Mighty Oaks Room
Playdough Station
Our Book Corner
Book Corner Decoration 1
Book Corner Decoration 2
Alphabet Wall
Letter Wands
Popoid Fun
Folding Fans in Our Creative Area
Indoor Sand Tray
Topic Table
Pudsey Tuff Tray
Mark-Making With Cars
Halloween Potion Making
Having Fun, No Matter the Age

We have a fantastic cosy book corner with easily accessible books suitable for all ages, that rotate regularly.  There are also plenty of blankets, cushions, musical instruments and book props for the children to use.


Within our Creative Area, the children have access to aprons and creative materials such as paint, glue, junk modelling etc, as well as a chalkboard wall for mark-making.

At the far end of the Mighty Oaks Room, we have our Nursery kitchen.  The children are encouraged to self-serve at lunchtimes and tidy their dishes away.  The children have access to fresh fruit for snack which they help prepare for themselves and the other children and also a Self-Care area where they can retrieve fresh flannels to wash and clean their faces.

To promote healthy eating and to ensure we cater to all parental preferences, Mighty Oaks is a vegetarian nursery that uses meat substitutes in our snacks and meals, that are prepared on the premises each day.  We are immensely proud to hold a 5 Star Food Hygiene Rating *****


Behind the Nursery kitchen, the children also have access to child-appropriate toilets, mirrors, soap, paper hand towels and our changing area.

Children are encouraged to explore the world of colour, shapes and texture through the use of natural light, toys, adult interaction and sensory experiences.


As children begin to explore and gain confidence, they are able to participate in a wide range of educational and fun activities that are always planned in advance. These will include colouring, painting, messy play, singing etc. all to create a fun-filled day for your child.

Our children are supervised by a carefully selected, dedicated and talented team of qualified childcare professionals who are vetted thoroughly; they all hold valid "live" Enhanced DBS Checks, valid Paediatric First Aid, Safeguarding and Food Hygiene Certificates; and who we actively encourage & develop through on-going training & updates.

Baby Sleep Room

The Little Acorns Sleep Room is a light, airy, intimate and tranquil room that provides a calm place of rest for any children that require a sleep during their time within our care.

Enclosed Balcony

In addition to our daily walks and explorations into the forests and greens available in our 65 acres, we also have an self-enclosed balcony garden that acts as an extension of the Mighty Oaks Room.


It is fitted with a special soft surface child-safe flooring as well as enclosed safety Perspex.


Our free-flow environment allows all our children to have supervised access to this area during the day, with its large sandpit, waterplay, mark-making, reading area, outside kitchen area and construction.

Parental Partnership

We recognise that parents know their children best and so we like to work closely with parents to ensure each child’s home routine is followed.  This provides continuity and stability for both the parents and the children, ensuring that the Nursery is a happy and rewarding experience for every family that it serves.  To ensure a stress-free transition from home to nursery life, convenient “Introduction to Nursery Life” sessions are always arranged. During these sessions, in which parents are more than welcome to participate, each child’s needs and any special requirements can be discussed with the Nursery staff.


Each child is assigned one of our Practitioners as their Key Worker who will build a caring and strong relationship with them.  It is especially important to us that our parents feel involved whilst their child is in our care and we therefore encourage parents to tell us about exciting things that are happening at home so that we can share the excitement with the children.  Our staff aim to work closely with parents by regularly discussing and sharing information about each child’s development so that they can reach their full potential.


A comprehensive programme of feedback and communication is in place, including daily contact with staff to discuss each child’s day, a hand-written Daily Care Diary for each Under 2, a Parents’ Noticeboard outside the Mighty Oaks Room, our staff “Who’s In” display, Parents’ Evenings as well as frequently monitored Nursery email.

n a child joins our setting, all our Nursery families are given a canvas bag for their child’s belongings, advice and support on internet safety, healthy food choices and other topics, as well as age-appropriate tooth brushes & toothpaste accompanied by our “Brush Your Teeth” song on CD!

To further our Parental Partnership, Mighty Oaks Day Nursery & Preschool uses Tapestry, an online development journal.  Tapestry allows our practitioners to monitor each child’s progress and keep parents accurately informed through observations, record keeping and assessments at the touch of a button.

Parents will be able to access their child’s profile anytime they want, as long as they are connected to the internet.  This enables the Mighty Oaks Day Nursery & Preschool Team to strengthen their partnership with parents by making observations of learning in a more efficient and environmentally-friendly manner.  This will enable them to have more available time to nurture, play and care for the children.  It also means that it will be easier for parents to be involved in their child’s educational journey.

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