Our Local Offer

In line with the requirements set by Dorset County Council, we have produced our Local Offer below illustrating what support Mighty Oaks Day Nursery & Preschool offers for children and families with special educational needs and disabilities.


"High quality education in a secure, happy and stimulating environment is our passion"


"from little acorns, mighty oaks grow"


1       How we communicate with you when your child has SEN?


1A     How can parents arrange a visit and/or see us in action?


By either telephone, email or via our website.


Occasionally prospective parents call in to see us.  We will do our very best to accommodate a visit, however if it is not possible we will arrange another convenient time for both parties.

1B     Some of the things you will see when we welcome you to our setting:



  • Inclusive open-plan environment

  • Friendly staff

  • Happy children

  • Calm nurturing environment

  • Beautiful outside balcony space

  • Forest School

  • Separate sleep room/quiet zone

1C       Different ways in which we may communicate with parents/carers:



  • Daily conversations with a Key Person

  • 2 x annual parent/teacher meetings

  • Communication by phone, email or face to face

  • Weekly observations on our on-line learning journal system

  • IP’s

  • Half termly/termly IP review meeting (frequency is dependent on progress and level of need of child)

  • Newsletter

  • Care diary if under 2 years old

1D     How you can contribute or share ideas for us to make our communication with you more effective. 


To arrange a meeting please contact: -


Manager - Leesa Francis

SENCO - Leesa Francis and Michelle Matthews


Please contact us by email on info@mighty-oaks.co.uk

1E     If you are unhappy with our provision, what should you do?



  • Please speak to the Manager.  If not happy with the outcome of the conversation, ask to see the following policy: Complaints and Compliments.

2       How will we help to settle your child into our setting?


2A     Some of the things we will do when your child first starts at our setting:



  • Home visit from the Manager to find out about your child and family situation

  • Complete an ‘All about Me’ form

  • Receive data-sharing agreements

  • Signposted to our policy and procedures

  • Arrange settle-in sessions

  • Meet with your child’s named Key Person

  • Meet with SENCo

3 The help and support we offer to SEND children:


We work in partnership with the Local Authority and other agencies for:


  • Integrated review with Health Visitor (2-year-old development check) if a child is under 2 on arrival.

  • Early Help Assessment (EHA)

  • Support with funding requests

  • EHCP 

  • Referrals to other agencies

  • Link with Dorset Family Partnership - Nikki Coe



We also offer: -


3A     How we ensure that your child is happy and learning:



  • We use Tapestry as an on-line learning journal

  • Twice weekly observation and assessment of child’s achievements, which forms the basis for planning of next steps

  • On-going assessment process to identify any further needs or to access additional services

3B     How we ensure that your child remains happy and learning as they move from us on to another setting:



In order to ensure a smooth transition for the child and family, we organise meetings and visits with the new setting to include parents, key person and SENCo.

4       How do we understand and discover how the child learns?


4A     How we measure your child’s learning to try to discover any additional educational needs that they might have:



  1. Our system of observation and assessment will indicate areas where a child is not progressing as follows:


  • Observation by Key Person using the EYFS development matters document, development reports and termly summative assessments to track progress.

  • Observation by SENCo

  • Assess, Plan, Do, Review Model to track children’s progress

  • Parent Partnership - Share observations, assessments and next steps with parents


   2. Review meetings between SENCO and parent to support child’s needs


   3. Setting will follow graduated response in collaboration with Dorset’s Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Information, Advice and Support Service (SENDIASS).

4B     How we will make sure that what we are teaching meets the needs of your child.



  • Observation, Assessment and Planning by Key Person and SENCo

  • Risk Assessment within the nursery environment

  • Tapestry

  • Parental contribution

  • EYFS Development Matters

  • Team Around the Family meetings (TAF)

  • Staff meetings 

  • With parental permission we can make referrals to Speech and Language therapy, Dorset Early Years Area SENDO and the Portage service

  • Liaise with Health Visitor

  • Liaise with any other professionals as required

4C    How we will make sure that your child is having fun and enjoying learning through play:


  • Regular review of environment and resources for stage of development

  • Warm, friendly professional staff

  • Quiet, area

  • Adult lead stage appropriate daily activities

  • Access to outdoor learning in the surrounding grounds

  • Observation and assessment.

  • Termly reviews of IP and IBPs or as required

  • Regular ongoing conversations/meetings with parents

  • Use of Tapestry to share learning and development with parents

  • Risk Assessments to ensure the safety of your child and others

4D    The experts and other professionals we liaise with:



Health Visitors

Community Paediatric Nurses

Speech and Language Therapists

Occupational Therapists

Educational Psychologist (when EHCP Assessment is being made)

Community Paediatrician

Family Support Workers


Early Help Assessment Professionals

Social Workers

Any other professional involved with the child

4E     When some children need a higher level of SEND support this is how we go about making sure that they get the support they need:



Parents/carers consent is obtained to assess the child in the setting, share information and referrals to the appropriate professionals and agencies.  Parents/Carers will be informed at every stage of the process.


Mighty Oaks process is to:


Refer to Dorset County Council Family Partnership Zone (Nikki Coe). Follow graduated and integrated approach to obtain support and funding for children with SEND.


Endeavour to meet the higher level of SEND support. This will be dependent on the availability of trained staff and sessions and funding available.  These will be subject to risk assessments, our Safeguarding and Child protection policy and our Local SEND offer.


If a child’s needs exceed what the setting can offer in support of the child’s learning and development, we will adapt a child’s hours/sessions to those in which we have adequate staffing, funding and resources.


If your child is eligible for the Disability Access Fund or Early Years Pupil Premium it may be used to supplement staffing or resources to improve your child’s outcomes.  There is an expectation from us, that all eligible funding streams are claimed for by the parent/carer to support the inclusion of your child within our nursery.


Support families in the assessment process for an Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP) for your child if required.


All paperwork relating to your child will be given to the parent at the end of their attendance with our nursery.

4F     How we ensure that the views of parents/carers and children are included in this specialist work?


Parents/Carers are encouraged to make an active contribution to their child’s education, through regular meetings to share their child’s achievements and any concerns at every stage of the process.

5       Inclusive Practice and SEND training and expertise within this organisation:


5A     The training and expertise of our team:


Leesa Francis - SENCo, Supporting Children with SEND

Michelle Matthews - Level 3 in Health & Social Care

Alana Bazeley - Behaviour Management

5B This is the way we fully involve children with SEN and/or disabilities:




Quiet/Sleep area

Nurture groups

Small group activities

Free-flow access from main classroom into the outside space.

Risk Assessment




Good access

Flat outside area

Risk Assessment

Access to large open outdoor spaces


Trips out of the setting:


Risk assessment for child and location

Parental Involvement (depending on needs of child)

The information in this SEND Local Offer was last updated January 2019 and will be updated in January 2020

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